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 Hail Damage Repair
Conventional Hail Repair and Paintless Dent Repair

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The choice of how your hail damage is repaired may be more important than you realize.   Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the latest technology utilized in hail damage repair, but this technology is more often misused than used properly.  At FOX Collision Center our techs are certified by an independent 3rd party to ensure that PDR is being used correctly. This certification provides peace of mind for you and your family because it guarantees that your vehicle repair meets all safety standards. This isn’t guaranteed at every body shop.

Many companies drill holes in very critical crush zones to access hail dents.  These seemingly simple holes can cause your vehicle’s crushability to be affected in the event of an accident, thus affecting your safety.  In addition, the company you choose to repair your vehicle should be certified by an OEM paint manufacturer. 

FOX Collision is certified by DUPONT, the largest manufacturer of Automotive Paint in the world

On another very important note, we are experts in Paintless Dent Repair, as well as Conventional Hail Repair - there is absolutely a level of damage and size of dents in which PDR cannot be used and FOX knows what that level is.  In this case, FOX Collision’s relationship with all Insurance Companies allows us to call and receive the additional funds to fix your vehicle conventionally.  In fact, we will bill your Insurance Company directly! 

Please compare before deciding on who will repair your vehicle. 

The resale value, your future Insurance Coverage and even your family’ safety can be compromised by making the wrong decision.

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Does the company understand all aspects of the reparability of your car in relation to safety?  Do they know that under no circumstances should they drill into the structure and crush zones?



Is the company certified by the paint manufacturer of the paint used on your vehicle? Do they understand the complexity of the finish? Do they understand how much they can push it before it micro-cracks?  Before it flakes later?  Before the spot rusts?



Will they be here a year from now if you have a problem?  Has AAA approved them for quality and service?




We are AAA approved!  Something we are very proud of! 

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